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Saint Liberty Bertie’s Cask Strength Bourbon

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Our Bertie’s Cask Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey is crafted in Texas and perfected in Texas.

Bertie Brown - known as “Birdie” to her friends -  was a woman of great courage. She was one of very few young African American women who homestead alone in Montana in the 1920s. Birdie was famous for her warm hospitality and for brewing what locals called the “best moonshine in the country.” One day in 1933, just before Prohibition ended,  a revenue officer came around and warned her to stop her brewing. But as Birdie multitasked, dry cleaning with gasoline and tending to her latest batch of hooch, fumes from the gasoline ignited and her kitchen exploded. Birdie was tragically burned in the fire and died shortly after. Today, her once orderly homestead stands in a state of disrepair in the hills of Montana, a memorial to the immortal spirit and kindness of Birdie Brown.