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Stroudwater Distillery Bourbon

Vendor Stroudwater Distillery
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Our Bourbon is genuinely an Ardent Spirit! On the nose, it’s all about smoke and wood. It’s that smoldering campfire deep in the pine forests of Maine, slowly going out, that’s simply perfect for roasting marshmallows. On the palate, however, it’s all about the heat. Its youth and vigor come through in an almost brandy-like way. Here is a bourbon cut from a 19th-century template, when young and robust whiskeys warmed the breasts of the folks who settled and tamed a continent.

Our Bourbon is as straightforward an expression of Bourbon as it gets—only three ingredients make up the mash-bill and their proportions unabashedly scream “Bourbon!”

Bourbon’s backbone comes from corn and our Bourbon Whiskey tips the scales at a solid 75%. For structure, flavor, and a little spicy kick, our Bourbon Whiskey has a relatively high rye component at 21%. The final 5% is malted barley—just enough to make the chemistry work.

Still a young spirit at just a little under two years old, our Bourbon Whiskey is surprisingly smooth at 90 proof, yet will still stand up and hold its own in most whiskey cocktail applications.