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West Of Eden Whiskey Day Two

Vendor West of Eden
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Day two begins with a creamy and smooth wheated bourbon, distilled and aged true to its legacy. Once filtered, the whiskey is then cut to 90 proof with a floral, herb-forward Ethiopian cold brew coffee. The combination of the two develops a savory, botanical-rich balance of flavors with notes of caramel, cloves, and jasmine.

Beneath the dust of the earth, a crop emerges. From one hemisphere, a grain. From the other, a coffee bean. The grain produces a whiskey, full of spirit and lacking nothing. The Coffee bean produces a coffee, bold in profile, yet humble in stature. Combined, the two are intertwined in each other's presence, balancing out one another where abundance and scarcity exist. The marriage is then bonded only by the introduction of a third element: oak. Inside every one of our bottles rests a spiral-cut piece of oak, sacrificing its very essence into the spirit, filtering and bonding the two libations. The end result produces a sweet, bold, and powerful spirit we proudly call West Of Eden.