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Woodson Single Barrel Select Bourbon by Charles Woodson

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Discover the exquisite Woodson Single Barrel Select Bourbon Finished in Wine Barrels, an exceptional offering from Kettner Distiller in San Diego. This meticulously crafted bourbon is aged for six months, allowing it to develop a unique character and depth.

The finishing touch comes from the carefully chosen wine barrels, which impart distinct flavors and nuances to the already exceptional bourbon. The marriage of rich bourbon notes with the subtle influence of the wine barrels creates a harmonious symphony of flavors.

With each sip, indulge in the smooth and velvety texture, accompanied by layers of complexity. Woodson Single Barrel Select Bourbon offers a delightful balance of traditional bourbon characteristics and the added dimension of the wine barrel finish.

Produced and bottled by Kettner Distiller, this bourbon is a testament to their dedication to crafting exceptional spirits. Whether enjoyed neat or in your favorite bourbon cocktails, Woodson Single Barrel Select Bourbon is a true delight for bourbon enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Experience the artistry of San Diego's Kettner Distiller in every sip.